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This site is an educational service of that is free for both consumers and providers.  It is intended to provide people with educational links to help them: find a physician in Canada (find a doctor in Canada), including information about physician practice locations and credentials: and to find which physicians are on the medical staff at which hospitals in Canada.  While these resources are available elsewhere on the internet, the goal of is to provide them all for Canada through one website.  For answers to your health insurance questions, you may wish to visit Some of the links listed below are specific to Canada.   Other links are general databases that allow consumers to narrow their search to Canada.

This site is for educational purposes only.  If you use this site, you agree to do so at your own risk.  You should contact providers directly and get information before making any decisions.  We do not recommend any specific providers.  As is the case with search engine results, the quality of the websites to which the following links go varies considerably.  We are not responsible for the accuracy of information on any linked websites.

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Links: New Brunswick Association of Optometrists: Find a doctor by name: Last Name: Find a doctor by city: Bathurst, Beresford, Blacks Harbour. Bouctouche, Campbellton, Caraquet. Centreville, Clair, Dalhousie The Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors - Find a: The Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, NEW!!! Canadian Naturopathic Association toll-free Referral Line 1-877-628-7284 Active Health Management: ACTIVE Health is a Canadian Web site dedicated to providing healthcare consumers with credible healthcare information. We bring you information on healthcare issues, services and products to help you better find your way through the healthcare maze and to help you to become healthier and happier. BCNA - Find a Doctor: Kamloops, Gerald, Farnsworth, DC, ND, Details. Kamloops, Jeanne, Albin, ND, Details. Kamloops, Steven, Jones, ND, Details. Total 127 doctor (s) Caring for Kids - Find a Doctor: Find a Doctor . The Canadian Paediatric paediatricians. But we've collected some information to help you find a doctor for your child. You'll Doctor Search Main Page: Doctor Search provides information about individual physicians, including practice address, telephone number, qualifications, etc., and whether they are Credit Medical Corporation: Physician Finder . 1. Name search Last name of physician or name of his/her practice. 2. Find a provider near you! Find the most appropriate Medical Society of Nova Scotia: Can't find a doctor ? Nova Scotia needs a long-term plan for recruiting and retaining doctors. As a physician and patient advocate Hamilton Academy of Medicine - Find a Doctor: Hamilton Academy of Medicine Web site. Find a Doctor . Use this List to find a member Family Doctor who is accepting new patients in your area Healthy Canadian - Find a Doctor: LASIK and PRK Laser Eye Surgery - Find A Doctor - Worldwide: LASIK and PRK - Find a Doctor - Worldwide Medical Directory of LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Clinics and Surgeons. Independent and objective The Macular Degeneration Network: Who's Who: Board The EyeCare Foundation Bookstore Home. Who's Who - Physician Finder Australia Wilson J. Heriot - Canada's Source for Health Information: substitute for obtaining qualified medical advice or seeking treatment from a physician MediGuide: Worldwide Directory of Physicians and Hospitals Patient community portal by Physicians' Online -- information, communication and e-commerce services for consumers, giving patients and doctors a mechanism for safe, secure communication. MyPhysician: is a sponsored, national physician website network designed to further strengthen the patient-physician relationship by providing patients access to relevant, credible health and practice information. SPU Physician Finder: SPU Physician Finder . In the United States and Canada. Select your state or province

Find a physician in Canada (find a doctor in Canada)

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